3 Simple Things: The Hemp Edit

When I start a band called Holy Hemp and the Savior Complex, I will write songs about how the quiet power of nurture and foundational change is often overshadowed by the sexy urgency to save, fix and cure things now and forever. And I will smugly evangelize that industrial cannabis


Hello and Welcome to Brown Earth Dog, a Simple Blog.

At Simple, we believe that the opportunity to live a life with less clutter, fewer distractions and greater purpose lies ahead.

In addition to exclusive promotions and advance purchase opportunities, our blog is the place to find our Stories section, get insight into how our product is made and stay up to date with what’s going on at Simple. For long time fans and newcomers alike, we’ve established the Simple History Museum and Archives — a place to find vintage catalogs, ads and even back editions of Moonlight Chronicles. Dear Simple, a column devoted to customer questions, feedback and tales of adventure is an opportunity for us to share the love, frustrations and advice that keep us motivated.

So we’re heading out into uncharted territory and we hope you come along for the ride. Let us know what’s on your mind and show us what’s in your Simple archives.  And maybe if you like what you see, you’ll buy a pair of shoes.

Deceptively Simple

Often starting with the smallest of ideas,  Artist Thomas Kelly understands how to wield the power of simplicity to conjure a heartfelt response. “As an

Masters of Ink

The Simple team spent an awesome afternoon recently with Timmy and the crew from Timmy Tattoo. Located in a bustling metro area on Long Island,


Dear Simple, Hi, I was a fan and glad to see you’re back, but I don’t see any info on your website about your commitment to the environment or social responsibility. J. Hi J - Thanks for reaching out – and inspiring us to make a graphic that

Feisty Ferrets

  Dear Simple: Help! I have the black os sneakers and a ferret decided to chew my laces - do you sell back-ups? M. Hi M: So glad you asked -- we are here to help! Simple does sell replacement laces, but since you took the time to

Moonlight Chronicles 3-22-95

"It was snowing here on this 5th Day of Spring Vacation so the kids and I drove down towards Hells Canyon to get in a little hiking."  -- Dan Price, Moonlight Chronicles 3-22-95 (more…)

tough little bastards

Simple Catalog Vibe Spring 2002

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Live Simple

Walk, Don’t Run

Chicago Sunrise

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Ursula Siker is a well known baker who has been featured on Zagat and Time Out and is currently based in Chicago. We spent a day with her at Hoosier Mama Pie Company where she serves as co-kitchen manager and doesn’t miss a beat in her Simple shoes.

West Coast Dreaming

We headed West for our Spring 2017 campaign, setting up shop in Venice, California for a few days. The damp but inspiring dawn, while chilly, was a welcome change from the snowy East Coast that we’re used to. From the comforts of Blue Star Donuts on Abbot Kinney Boulevard to

Driving US101 North

As residents of San Francisco, we don’t often have to leave the city. Everything we need is at our fingertips and we don’t need to go far to find what we’re looking for. One thing we always look forward to though, is getting out of the city to breathe some
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