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Visionary Baltimore

Simple headed to Charm City this weekend to sponsor and support the American Visionary Art Musuem’s 20th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race. The Museum, which was founded in 1989, continues to amaze and inspire us with its carefully considered exhibits featuring work of Visionary, Outsider and Self-Taught Artists. Its reflective mosaic facade and towering Vollis Simpson wind sculpture is a distinct presence on a once a lonely stretch now dense with activity in a neighborhood that built up as the city’s re-developed Inner Harbor built out.

Their current exhibit, “The Great Mystery Show“, on display through Summer 2018 is “a wildly visual exaltation of the strangeness and wonder of Life itself”. A standout piece amidst dozens of captivating artworks is Jan Huling’s The Gown: Affinity. Comprised of her mother’s wedding gown, collected and repurposed objects, it is exquisitely beaded and tenderly conceived. Like the Sculpture Race, the resourcefulness, creativity and engineering reflect a joyous approach to problem solving that we try to embrace at Simple.

Check out the slideshow for photos of the Museum, details of Jan Huling’s The Gown: Affinity and shameless product placement of our Satires and OS’ out for a day at the Race!

And Thanks to Jan and AVAM for Images of the Exhibit.

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